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Here the place of the community gemscool forum discussions, exchange ideas, give suggestions, feedback and criticism about our game. to access this forum You need to enter ID to be able to post in the forums. If you are not a member, you need to register first!.

Once you register it, you can start surfing the forums. You will find lots of information and tips and tricks from other members in the sub-forum games are available there. You can also participate in discussions and share experiences with fellow members. In addition we can also question and answer forum with admins and moderators on the procedure or also in-game that it is still confusing for us.

You can also report any fraud committed by another player in the game in the forum with the strong evidence in the form of screenshots. Admin will respond immediately if your reports proved to be true.

forum gemscool

In the lounge there is a forum gemscool also used as refreshing or joke and laugh and share game info out fellow members. Start of sharing exciting stories, lovers of music, writing stories, and there are events with prizes also there for you, who is active in the forum gemscool. This is done so that the admin gemscool not only exciting in the game, but also in gemscool forum, because it is actually in the forum a lot of knowledge that we can get.

Oh yes before you ask in the forum surfing and gemscool, it would be nice of you to read the forum rules and guides on the front page of the forum yes. Because of course every company has rules that its members formally apply orderly fellow members. For those of you who want to address through gemscool forum.