Gemscool Dragon Nest Indonesia

Dragon Nest is a genre of Indonesian online game Fantasy MMORPG published by Gemscool gaming portal. Game play is very interesting because it is supported by the latest technology systems excellent graphics and complemented by a very distinctive speed action, which makes it different from the online games like Dota and bertype RF Online game portal lytogame.

The uniqueness of this game is the ability of Dragon Nest characters fully controlled by the game player. This is because online gaming is supported by the technology of non-targeting combat gameplay. You are interested in playing this game? Before you can play this game online you have to download dragon nest first.

Dragon Nest is a very demanding game players to be able to control the game characters in order to complete his vision perfectly. When you start the game, you will be required to cooperate with game characters can be to place a named instance dungeons.

How to play this game? As with other games, you might find it difficult to play if it is your first time or infrequent, because this game is quite difficult to control. But if you are playing this game then you will be very keasikan play this game. Evidenced by the many fans of the game Dragon Nest from various countries in Southeast Asia including Indonesia.

Never be afraid to play this game even if you've played this game, because if you are a true gamers you will more quickly adapt and control the character you choose to wade adventures in Dragon Nest. In playing this game you do not ever see another character level, because it is not possible even if your character level is much different you could win if you are adept at playing a game character that you use

dragon nest

In this game , there are 5 and each character has their own abilities . Class can be changed while the level 15 and 45 .


As the name implies , these characters use melee weapons or melee type . There are 2 types of classes to choose from at level 15 , the Sword Master and Mercenary .
The Master Sword is a class that agile and has a high attack speed , and focus more on his magic skills . Although the attacking forces were smaller than Mercenary , when compared , the same strength . For example , reducing Mercenary 1 hit 5000 hp , while the sword master with 3 combo will reduce 6000 hp .
Mercenary is the class of high -powered physical attack , but compared to the Sword Master , Mercenary still much slower to attack . Although slow , but attacked the high power can be used to destroy your opponent quickly .

Archer uses arrows as his main weapon , and is the most agile job in this game . There are 2 types of classes to choose from at level 15 , the Acrobat and Hunter .
Acrobat is a very agile class with combo very much compared to the hunter , but with little critical and heavy firepower extremely waw .
Hunter is a class that is not very nimble , but the critical and substantial firepower could destroy your opponent quickly with a combo that quite a lot , but fewer than Acrobat .

Sorceress uses the magic wand as his main weapon , low -power physical attack , but high magic attack power . There are 2 types of classes to choose from at level 15 , the Force User and Elemental Lord .
Force User is a class that put darkness element to attacks , and also a friend menbantu 1 party with skill .
Elemental lord is the priority class of ice and fire elements in the attack , has a lot of current combo player vs. player mode .

Cleric using a wand , or a mace as his main weapon , and using a shield to protect himself . There are 2 types of classes to choose from at level 15 , the Paladin and Priest .
Paladin is a class that promotes physical attack power , has high attack speed and great blocking technique .
Priest is a class that promotes mutual help fellow party / team and magic attack power , especially the Light . Priest can add HP teammate , so Priest is often referred to as a supporter .

Tinkerer or ACADEMIC

Academic tinkerer or use a launcher and bubble cannon weapon as his main weapon . There are 2 types of classes to choose from at level 15 , the Engineer and Alchemist .
Engineer is a class that promotes physical attacks than magic , and high attack power , can destroy your opponent quickly .
Alchemist is a class that promotes magic attack power , can make buff to teammates / party , and have a high magic attack power .

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Gemscool Atlantica

Gemscool Atlantica game offers exciting and thrilling for all of you, a lot of things you should know to be able to play atlantica, so you can win the battle in this online game.

To be able to win the you can enter here Atlantica Gemscool provides a lot of things, like how to play, about the game atlantica and other interesting things, such as updating atlantica.

To get the id or user atlantica you can enter here How to List the Atlantica were commissioned to analyze our already wrote how to get your user id at the time of registration gemscool atlantica.

gemscool atlantica

And you can get more info about the game you can enter here Gemscool to know the latest tips and tricks gemscool.

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This is all the info that we provide so that you can enroll in online atlantica. Thank you for your visit in Indonesia that provides ifo most interesting about the game and other news here.

Gemscool Dizzel Indonesia

Neowiz Games is a game developer Online Dizzel announce that they have officially teamed up with PT Kreon or Gemscool started last November 6 . The new collaboration between Kreon and Neowiz Games will bring to the Indonesian Online Dizzel game .

Estimates of online games in Indonesia has reached about 109 million dollars this year . Indonesia is a developing country with business potential of online games that promise . This makes a lot of foreign developers investing here .

Gemscool Dizzel

Online Dizzel that will be present in Indonesia in cooperation Neowiz Games and Gemscool aka Kreon is expected to bring new colors to the world of online gaming now that always spoil the gamers in Indonesia to remain staycun the No. 1 website in an online game

This game brings a war -themed games as well as point blank with has a very spur adernalin you feel like a real war , if you do not believe you may immediately try to apply directly for those who do not already have an account gemscool to

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Gemscool Crazy Shooter Indonesia

Crazy Shooter Indonesia - list of the latest online game publisher Gemscool now increased another subordinate very exciting game, of course, this news has been circulating throughout the Indonesian gamers who are waiting for the presence of the latest games in the stretcher by the gemscool

precisely on 25 November 2013 and they officially announced the launch of their latest website Crazy Shooter games Indonesia.namun do not know when this game could be felt by gamers wait on the game

Gemscool Crazy Shooter Indonesia

Carrying Shoot jargon, like you never shoot before, Indonesian or Bubble Shooter Crazy Fighter (KR) presents the latest shooting game play experience you've never felt before.

In addition, some interesting features are packaged in a shooting game Nexon claim, among others, modern techno theme most recently in Indonesia, cool characters wrapped with unique graphics cell shading, as well as computer specifications are fairly friendly.

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Gemscool Lost Saga

This Gemscool Lost Saga free-to-play and fight mmorpg. developed by io entertainment in south korea. deployed in a few countries like ogplanet firms within the us, asiasoft in thailand and gemscool in indonesia.

Cii-traits in korean lost saga titled mercenary or hero in south korea, the u. s., thailand, and indonesia. mercenary divided into 5 unequal teams : melee, ranged, magic, special, and premium. payday hero players will get direct from store in the dominoes game using pesos,the currency earned cash from battles, or obtain their service across the 2 hours when these reach the rank within which mercenary is unlocked,

In the exception of premium mercenaries, which could simply be obtained across the gold ( typical eye lostsaga cash in south korea ), astros ( typical eye lostsaga cash within the u. s. ), acash ( typical eye lostsaga cash in thailand ) and g-cash ( cash eyes lostsaga typical in indonesia ) or scroll across the hero, which could be obtained from mission also as get in store for 3000 pesos ( south korea and indonesia ). players will obtain a mercenary slot they include. with general player has 12 slots and often is a hero if purchased in store.

gemscool lost saga
Space once the players mercenary / hero utilizing a era of the inventory, thus they will replace them the choke knob hero figure ( hero swap ) ( this often is modified as soon as the menu possibility ). this technique is incredibly doubtless the player to shift freely thus mercenary who won't play games in any respect, however as long as the mercenary that will be currently used has 4 gears equipped ( will not'>it doesnt have influence with items by way of example style. hairs ).

Besides that, the epic gear mercenary equipment with an various design. these boost the dominoes game allowing players to equip gear that will be not equivalent to the mercenaries theyve employed. but, epic weapons will simply be equipped to fit their mercenaries. epic gear not offer costume changes, however a stat boost that varies with every gear. ability gear, but, don't switch. premium mercenaries have epic gear, however they don't seem the exact direct from original ( in the sole exception as to the epic weapon ). no special gear can be entitled legendary gear. not as epic gear, the gear isn't suitable for each existing mercenary. as a result of, terribly legendary gear design has no various and no legendary weapons. legendary gear may too use a few skills by way of example within the tooth. jumpers and a few is supplied in half design ( eg comprising pink rabbit ears and black ) ( no more than in south korea ). in lostsaga particularly lostsaga indonesia, gear often is sold for a minimum of 50 thousand pesos, and sell gear, players should have gear which will be marked and obtain gear sealer seals for 2900 g-cash ( indonesia ) which can exist within the market. 

so let's join together game gemscool enjoy your day with a full day of spur adernalin that could make your life more spirit

Gemscool Cabal Online Indonesia

An MMORPG is a service so it should be easy and fun . Here it is now forgotten . An online game should be easy and convenient . That is, the player can freely move the character , shop and hunt monsters as easy as turning the palm of the hand .

Easy means comfortable and far from boring .
CABAL Online is for new users who are unfamiliar , but can also be enjoyed by MMORPG players with plenty of experience . Both could easily adapt to our game in no time . The reason ? Because we never lose sight of one important rule : Online game not set a dizzying final exam .

Gemscool online game CABAL Online returns in his true identity .
Since everyone agrees that the game should be evocative and challenging . Thus , MMORPG , as a variant of the game , should also be subject to the agreement . Good MMORPG should be equipped with battle and skill system that is built up with neat , stunning movement fighting , clear quest systems and , not forgetting , 3D graphics and animation that generates most bully the world as closely as the original image.

CABAL ONLINE will oust you as a hero
Since all agree that all the games , of course, including the MMORPG , should be interesting , challenging and evocative . Thus , as has been described , skills and battle system that is built up neat , stunning movement fighting , clear quest systems and high-level 3D graphics absolutely be an important prerequisite survival game coming years .

Although the ideal game , with all the benefits above , not easy to be realized , we will continue to strive hard to achieve it because , after all , for our user satisfaction is the most lucrative rewards .

Environment in the game Cabal Online , you will grow up to be heroes .
After completing puzzles , tricks , traps and monsters overthrow the boss , you will taste the sweetness of achievement and satisfaction is bubbling . However , the world is a universe with the Online Game and the challenges relentless rivalry . Being the hero in Game Online is a definite but not all games will really touch you . CABAL will touch you . CABAL will be proclaimed as a hero . CABAL provides an opportunity to write his own epic hero .

gemscool cabal online
CABAL ONLINE mix of experience and technology
An online game is a combination of a variety of Internet and network technologies .
Many MMORPG from South Korea are exported abroad . No exaggeration if we claim that our country is at the forefront of the gaming industry .
Online game development in our country has become a hot discussion all over the world . This is definitely a testimony to our achievement .

Online gaming is a form of software .
ESTsoft has developed a variety of software .
ESTsoft is a company that is able to successfully play the game makes you feel .
We will show evidence that peramuan CABAL is the result of experience and the right technology .

CABAL ONLINE will take you one step closer to new fresh ideas .
In a world that continues to recur , a fresh new idea means a step towards excellence .
Inevitably , we have received many many suggestions . Perhaps , on the other hand , what you show has also made you doubt us . Then , we reasoned that if we do not wise to doubt the various suggestions and stop flow of fresh ideas to you .

We will always be one step ahead of the others . Edged with a very fast time . Waktupun immediately feels worthwhile .
You have observed CABAL least once . However , the more often you see it , the more upset feeling your interest in this game . Initially , when you first set foot in Nevareth , everything feels familiar . Gradually , you will feel no different ; You will find that CABAL has a battle system and skill system is so evocative . CABAL begins with a simple game but when you're getting tied with CABAL , we assure you , the taste will hausmu quest never baked .

Even so , we are still waiting for a burst of idea. Yes , your fresh ideas O Force Archer , Force Shielder , Force Blader , Wizard , Blader and Warrrior . We have always suggested the idea of ​​waiting for it interrupted the fight and adventures . CABAL Online will always take you one step closer to the New Idea .